The Secrets behind the cupboard door……….

How many of you have that cupboard in your home where you just kind of shove things in there when you have no where else to put it or its an unwanted gift you want to hide? Over time it gets fuller and fuller until its ready to spill its contents out onto the floor…..

It reminded me of the episode of “Friends” when Chandler found Monica’s secret cupboard.

So funny but we all have one don’t we.

Well finally for the first time in ages I was actually having a good day.

My care worker Jade and I finally decided to tackle my secret cupboard the one under the stairs located in the downstairs toilet.

Ugh it was full of cobwebs and boxes of goodness knows what, we could see plastic bags full of stuff everything looked sad and neglected as they were no use to anyone anymore, they were just hidden away out of sight out of mind.

We had a lot of fun finding things i had forgotten. Now I have 3 large boxes full of car boot stuff to be taken to be sold and a real feeling of accomplishment.

Now all my hidden junk I didn’t want anymore would be able to have new life, and new families who could enjoy them, the saucepans, frying pans, spatulas, kettle, camping gear, wine making paraphernalia, (worth a bundle), car radios, cassette players, lots of lovely Christmas decorations, saucepan rack and much more, would all find new homes ……………………………..

I even found 3 very large bottles of my best wine I used to make Beetroot bottled in 2011 it was the last batch I made. Boy its going to be strong and blow someones head off lol. Beetroot wine becomes fortified with age, like a really strong sherry.

Anyone fancy a bottle lol it comes with a warning that is for sure.

For me sitting there on my electric wheelchair helping Jade sort out all this stuff was a huge ACHIEVEMENT for me, I felt great just doing that one small task. If you don’t have MS or a chronic disability you cant comprehend how these little achievements can make us feel.

Now I have a clean empty cupboard………no spiders and items who will have new lives and give others lots of pleasure……

I wonder who will have the camping stuff and where the little kettle and frying pan will end up…..maybe France, or somewhere nice in England with a nice young couple starting their new journey. I hope their journey is a good one full of love and joy.

Even with all the pain I have had my journey has been a good one even though I lost the love of my life, I know he will always journey with me wherever I go.

Have a wonderful Easter all of you reading this 2018.

Remember maybe you too can find some hidden memories in your secret cupboard.



2 thoughts on “The Secrets behind the cupboard door……….”

  1. As usually written beautifully.
    We had to empty under the stairs or the new kitchen the things we found I was ok throwing things away but hubby wasn’t, will have a lot of things to throw away when I start putting things in new kitchen. ❤️


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