I am sorry i haven’t written for a time. Writing my journey has been cathartic but also quite traumatic and did take a toll on me as it brought back memories some how i had managed to keep hidden. Stirred up stuff too and reminded me constantly that my beloved husband was gone. I was actually struggling more with anxiety and not coping with the grief as well as I should have.

So being a positive type of gal, I made a huge effort with myself and exciting new things are going on right now. I don’t want to say anything at the moment in fear of  jeopardising myself.

Hopefully soon my journey with MS will start its new phase  and once I have more positive news blogs will restart again so you can join me once more.

Will be back soon and thank you all who have taken the time to join me and thank you to all my friends and family who are supporting me now I love you all.

Those of you reading this with MS its hot now even in the UK, so stay cool, and hydrated and keep out of that sun. 

In the meantime if you haven’t read my little fiction stories grab a cuppa and have a read.

Let’s take a break……coffee anyone I will tell you a little story. Listen with Zenda.

Miracle Of The Cold Christmas Full Moon?





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