Adding insult to injury

Really here we go again. SCAMMER ALERT.

So I get woken up at 1.30 by my mobile phone receiving an email. I keep my phone on at night incase I need someone. So I was worried as really only family would send me a text.

I opened my little clam shell Alcatel dreading it really thinking perhaps someone had been taken to hospital. Well there was a text message from what I assumed was the NHS. You’ve been in close contact with a person who has contracted the Omicron variant. Please order a test kit via:

Seriously is this real or a hoax? I believe its a hoax. From the real NHS WEBSITE.

RememberThe NHS will never ask you to enter your card number or your bank details onto our websites. We will not ask you to send this information by text message or tell us it over the phone.

This is a fake website which has been designed to look like an official NHS site. NHS websites all end in – fake sites may show or

If you are sent this message, do not enter any details into this website.

Now see I did CHECK when i got the email hence I never went back to sleep lol. What bothered me was the word OMICRON. I dont believe they would say that besides which I dont have the NHS app on my little clam shell phone. SO I CHECKED THE LINK OUT OF CURIOSITY, and the URL was THE .COM was incorrect the NHS do not use .COM. (URL is the address of the website).

So no hey I am pretty savvy over I.T. issues, but this was done very professionally and I am worried others not quite so savvy would go onto the web site and put their bank details in. The one thing for me you see is only my friends or family have seen me of late and if they had covid I would know about it. So these fake scammers dont know that.

SO IF YOU GET A TEXT with the message I recevied or similar. BE WARNED IT IS PROBABLY A FAKE. THE TEST AND TRACE page has been closed.


I feel injured as I was woken up unnecessarily at 1.30 by a fake email when I thought someone in my family needed me. I was woken up at 1.30 the insult being they thought I was gullible, thank god I never take things on face value and did the research first as I could be out a few pounds now if I had followed the advice from a very clever scammer.

Its hard enough living in 2022 without the constant need to worry about someone stealing your money online from us. Faceless thiefs I truly hope who ever designed this; KARMA hits them hard and they end up falling over a huge chasm and burn in hell……………….